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Our range of services

  • Garage Door supply
  • Garage Door Installation
  • Electric Garage Doors
  • Up & Over Garage Doors
  • Electric Roller Garage Doors
  • Remote Controlled Garage Doors

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Garage Door Services in North London

ACE Garage Doors offer a full fitting and repair service carried out by our professionally qualified team of fitters. From the replacement of individual parts, through installation of operators on existing garage doors to a full renovation of your garage, ACE Garage Doors are experts in the field. We offer a 24/7 service and our trained technicians are on standby to attend immediately.

We cover all areas of London and have repaired and serviced Garage Doors all over North London.

ACE Garage Doors offers a FREE QUOTE service, where a member of our team will come out and survey your garage to accurately assess your requirements with guaranteed no hard sell and no obligation.

All our installations and repairs come with a 12 month parts and labour guarantee.

Repairs and servicing of all types of garage doors in North London.

Here at ACE Garage Doors we repair and service all types of garage doors. Like any product, garage doors will require maintenance, servicing and sometimes repair to ensure a long working life.

Different styles of garage doors have differing mechanisms and these all require periodic attention so they continue to operate smoothly and efficiently. Below we will identify just some of the maintenance issues associated with these types of garage doors.

Up and over canopy one piece garage door

These garage doors have no internal tracks or reduction in drive-through width. These are the most common type of garage doors found in North London.

Up and over garage doors have always been a popular choice of garage door. They operate by lifting up the door and sliding it into the garage roof space. There are two basic styles of up and over garage doors. The canopy style has a section of the garage door that overhangs the garage entrance when the doors are open, creating a canopy. The retractable garage door retracts completely into the roof space of the garage, we will discuss this type next.

Both types can over time go out of alignment, causing problems with opening and closing. The cables and runners may require professional attention. Often people end up using a piece of wood to hold the door open when a quick call to ACE Garage Doors will result in a quick and inexpensive repair.

Roller shutter garage doors

Roller shutter garage doors are becoming increasingly popular in North London due to the high levels of security and ease of use they provide.

Roller shutter garage doors, particularly after many years of service, can occasionally develop problems with opening and closing. Sometimes this is simply due to general wear and tear. If rust develops then the sliding function can be impaired which will prevent either one or both sides of the roller shutter from moving as it should.

ACE Garage Doors are always on hand to service and repair your roller shutter garage doors at very competitive rates.

Fully retractable one piece garage door

As discussed above, this type of garage door operates in the same way as the canopy garage door, it just fully retracts under the ceiling of the garage.

These garage doors can be subject to the same servicing and repair issues as the canopy garage door and can be fixed in much the same way.

Vertically rising sectional garage door

These garage doors come with a choice of insulation thickness or without any insulation.

These garage doors rise vertically for optimum use of internal and external space. One of the reasons these garage doors are so popular is because they close firmly with a rubber weather seal all around the perimeter frame to provide a perfect seal and prevent leaves, dust and mice from entering your garage. Of course this depends on your garage floor being level to start with.

The door panel itself is divided into sections that move vertically by means of a series of rollers within a side track. As the sections are hinged the door travels through a tight curve and finish in a horizontal position parallel to the garage floor.

The joints of the sections can sometimes become clogged with debris, particularly if exess dust or wood shavings have collected due to DIY projects being carried out in the garage and will require cleaning out. The weather seals can also perish over time and need replacement. The side runners may also become damaged and need repair. Regular servicing will ensure many years of trouble free service from these garage doors.

Side hinged garage doors

These garage doors are often fitted to older properties or ones that require a more traditional aesthetic look.

They are frequently made from wood and hinged at the side like a traditional door. Clearly owing to the dimentions of these garage doors, the strain on the hinges will be considerable. All too often the frames integrity fails long before the hinges or the garage doors themselves.

Should you notice a sagging of your side hinged garage door, probably because it begins to foul on the ground when opening or closing, call us at ACE Garage Doors for a no obligation free quote to service, repair or replace.

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